I started this blog with a list of topics I knew I wanted to cover.  I sat down last week to pick a topic to really start off the blog and ended up making a close approximation to this emoticon:


It’s not that I couldn’t sit down and write a blog entry about any of the topics I had listed; it’s that I didn’t feel any of them were right to start off this blog in the manner I find most fitting.

As with every kind of writing, the hardest part of blog writing is getting started.

I am a voice of experience in the matter.  I’ve written short stories and novels and news articles (fun, fun, and fun) and plays and poetry (not my forte).  I wrote a 30-page academic paper on the reactions of female comic book fans to character death in comic books (fascinating), and I’ve dabbled in non-fiction essays (good times).  But I’ve also written employee manuals and brochures and style guides (more fun) and a television series proposal (yeah, not doing that for a living).  And I’ve written mock-ups for ad copy and news broadcasts (fun but not my cup of tea).  Before my final semester of undergraduate work is over, I’ll write a movie premise (terrified), and I’ve definitely blogged before (enjoyable).

I tell people that I’m a Professional Writing major, and they nearly always ask, “What’s that?”

See above.

The way I see it, if it needs an editor, it’s professional writing.  You can call it your novel, your poetry, your song lyrics, or your crochet pattern, but at the end of the day, each of those types of writing has a particular format and a particular set of rules, and my career goal is to be the one who’s helping you make sure what you’ve written fits into its format.

There’s more to it than that, certainly, and I plan to talk about all those aspects on this blog, but for now, you get this first post (not counting my place-holding intro) with a smattering of my credentials from experience, and I get to take a deep breath and say, “Okay, that first post is written now,” and relax in the knowledge that the getting started has gotten started.