I enjoy blogging about editing.  It’s fun for me, but at the same time, I find that I don’t have as much to say on the topic as I thought.  This is due partly, I’m certain, to simply not having a few more years’ experience under my belt.  So goes blogging on occasion: You think you’ve got enough to push forward, and you find that you don’t quite have what you expected.  It’s part of the learning process to come up short occasionally.

Instead, I’m launching a blog that’s a bit more generalized and a bit more focused on me rather than the field I’m entering.  I’ve decided, in a sudden burst of determination I can’t ignore, that my most recent attempt at a novel deserves at least one rousing edit and that I have other things I’ve written that are in good shape for publishing (or, at least, attempting to publish).  The highs and lows and occasional embarrassment at some of my turns of phrase will be carried on in a different blog, which you can find here:

Gayle Francis Moffet

I’m going to commit the cardinal sin of writing about writing.  And I’ll throw in some editing along the way, just for fun.